iMAX B6AC 80W Battery Balance Charger for LiPo & NiMH Batteries

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The latest version of the popular iMAX B6AC has arrived and now boasts some unique new features. In addition to charging LiPO, NiMH and Ni-Cad batteries the B6AC can be used as a Lithium battery meter / internal resistance meter and boasts additional functions which include: automatic charging current limit, capacity limit and processing time limit, making the B6AC one of the safest chargers available today. 

Key Features

★ Power supply voltage: 100-240v AC (standard UK)
★ Operating voltage range: DC11.0-18.0 volts / AC to DC adapter (DC11.0-18.0V/6A/5A)
★ Circuit power: maximum charging power 50W / 80W / Max discharge power 5W
★ Charging current range: 50W 0.1-5.0A / 80W: 0.1-6.0A
★ Discharge current range: 50W 0.1-1.0A / 80W: 0.1-2.0A
★ Current consumption for balancing Li-po: 300mAH / cell
★ LiIon / LiPo / LiFe battery: 1-6 cell
★ NiCd / NiMH battery: 1-15 series Lead battery voltage: 2-20v


What's in the box

★ 1x IMAX B6 AC charger
★ Adapter charging cable with deans connector
★ Adapter charging cable with servo connector
★ Adapter charging cable with BEC connector
 Adapter charging cable with glow plug connection
 Adapter charger cable with alligator clips 
★ Genuine IMAX mains power supply with fused UK plug
★ User instructions 

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