Blue Alloy Upgrade Pack for the HSP Nitro Tyrannosaurs Monster Truck 94108

Sale price£94.99


This upgrade pack is designed for the HSP Nitro Tyrannosaurs 94108 model. The pack includes popular upgrade parts and works out considerably cheaper than purchasing these parts separately. 

The upgrade pack includes contains the following parts:

1 x Stainless exhaust
1 x Alloy fuel filter
1 x Alloy fuel cooler
1 x Alloy air filter
2 x Front lower suspension arms
2 x Fear low suspension arms
1 x Rear gearbox mount
1 x Front gearbox mount
1 x Complete steering rack kit
4 x Wheel nuts
4 x Wheel hexes with pins
1 x Rear shock tower
1 x Front shock tower
8 x Alloy Shock absorbers
8 x Front/Rear linkages/ tie-track rods
4 x Stainless steel CVD driveshafts
4 x Carrier hub set (front and rear kit for all 4 wheels)
1 x Front support brace
1 x Rear support brace
4 x Body posts

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