HSP RC Truck Body Shell Red With Stickers 1/10 HSP Wolverine 94111 94108 94701

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HSP 1/10 Scale Off-Road Truck Shell - to fit HSP Wolverine & Others

​​Replacement body shell for 1/10th scale truck models. It's designed for the HSP Wolverine model (94701) but will also fit other HSP 1/10th scale trucks like the 94111 and 94108.

 The shell is pre-painted but comes without body post holes.

Aside from HSP, this shell will fit most 1/10 scale trucks with a 275mm wheel base.
The shell is pre-painted from factory leaving you to choose which body stickers to apply from the included sticker pack to create a unique body shell (see picture 2 for what the shell can look like once stickers are applied).

If you need this shell drilled to fit the Wolverine model please let us know.

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