HSP Kutiger Nitro Rally Car Complete Upgrade Kit - Blue Alloy


Sale price£134.99


HSP Blue alloy upgrade kit to fit the HSP nitro Kutiger 94177. This is the complete set with every upgrade part available for the car. Be aware this kit is designed for the nitro Kutiger only.

The kit contains the following parts:

★ Front and rear lower swing arms
★ Front and rear upper swing arms
★ Front and rear reinforced suspension towers
★ Front and rear hub carriers with sealed bearing kit
★ Pack of 6 adjustable tie-rods
★ Pack of 4 CVD drive shafts
★ Upper chassis tray
★ Battery/radio tray cover
★ Front and rear gearbox cases
★ Two-speed gearbox frame
★ Alloy exhaust
★ Air filter
★ Fuel tank cap
★ Fuel filter
★ Pack of machine screws to complete fitment

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