HBX 16889 Brushed 1:16 Scale Truck with 2S Li-on Battery (Standard Version)

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The HBX 16889 is suited to those who are new to the hobby and ideal for children. Known as the best value 1/16th scale basher available, this truck is the same as the FTX Tracer and has lots of upgrade potential for when the time for more speed comes along. 

These models offer exceptional reliability and high-speed performance all packed into a highly portable 1/16th size model. Each vehicle features quality components using 2.4ghz radio equipment to eliminate interference and powerful Li-on batteries to provide instant power and torque. Check out these trucks on Youtube and you'll be amazed just how fast they are and how much punishment they can take.

The HBX 16889 model features fully serviceable and user-configurable parts including adjustable independent suspension and multiple shock absorber positions. Most parts can be upgraded including the motor to brushless, gears upgraded to metal and chassis strengthened with alloy parts.

The truck comes with one battery as standard (800mAh). Please select your desired battery quantity using the drop down list. Each additional battery is 800mAh capacity.

Key Features

★ Fully built and ready to run - just add two AA batteries to the remote control
★ Top speed of 30KPH using the 2S 7.4v battery
★ LED lights operated by the remote control
★ 390 brushed motor and speed controller
★ 2.4GHz radio system allows multiple models to be run at the same time with zero interference
★ 4WD drive system complete with metal differentials and drive shafts
★ Water resistant and dust-proof electronics
★ Anti-skid high grip rubber tyres and wheels
★ High quality crack-resistant body shell included
★ USB battery charger included for convenient charging

Size and weight

★ 1:16th scale
★ 27cm in length, 15cm in width and 13cm in height
★ Ground clearance is around 4.5cm
★ Wheelbase is 17cm
★ Total weight is approx 1050g

What's in the box

★ HBX 16889 model with 2.4ghz Radio System
★ User Instructions and Safety Guidelines
★ 2S 7.4v Li-on Battery and USB Charger (Choose battery quantity from the drop down choice)

Please note, you will need to supply 2 AA batteries for the Remote Controller. 

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