6.0v 950mAh NiMH Rechargeable Receiver Battery with RX Connector

Sale price£6.99


Premium 6.0v 900mAh NiMH battery pack made by Venom. Constructed with 5 AA size cells, this battery pack comes with a Futaba style connector plug providing a universal fit for most RC receivers. These packs are designed and built using top quality high drain cells delivering long lasting high performance in all RC applications.


★ Capacity: 1600mAh (NiMh)
★ Voltage: 6.0 (5-Cell)
★ Battery Type: NiMH
★ Weight : 61g
★ Capacity : 900mAh Measured at 160mA (0.2C) discharge.
★ Max Discharge Current : 2000mA (2 Amps)
★ Max Charge Current : 1000mA
★ Dimensions: 52mm x 45mm
★ Connector plug: Futuba (standard receiver plug)

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